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To comprehend the meaning of life and personality to explore the depths of the ancient Mayan Calendar to year 2500 Get guidance.

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This is a good day to as for the common good; for the family so that all familial confrontations may be fixed; the economic problems; to attract affluence and abundance in the business; and to ask for good climate for the crops and for all that is cultivated. It is also utilized to cut illnesses; to ask for humanity so that they may have a roof over their head; to ask for those that are about to be born and that they may not possess physical defects. It signifies the force of the union, the expansive knowledge; the development of the cosmic plan; the growth; the fertility; energy for the abundance in the material and in the spiritual. It is the energy that brings the rains to give us good crops.



This is a good day to ask for the family, community, especially the ones that are close to us. It is a good day to ask for our homes; good day to start a home; a good day to avoid difficulties between a family; to fix problems in the family; it is a good day to ask for those that are governing the nation so that they may be just and good governors; to ask that we may have a good relationship with our boss; to ask for justice and social consciousness; and to ask for those that have physical defects.


Taken from Saq Be Webpage




Edznab The Trecena of Truth


Today begins the 10th trecena of the current Tzolk'in round, the Trecena of 1 Etznab. Etznab, sharp black Obsidian, cuts through the multitudinous veils we live wrapped up in, through the layers of misperception, fear and misinterpretation that our social and media conditioning continues to hypnotize us with, through the fog that surrounds the clarity, potential and truth of our souls.


The challenge of this Trecena is to stand before the mirror of your soul unclad and unfettered by fear, uncertainty, weakness or falsehood of any kind. Have the courage to look directly into your heart, body and mind, without judgment, without opinion, without comparison. Face your truth and accept it as yours.


On our Facebook page we asked you what your wish is for this Trecena. It's important that whatever wish you made reflect what you truly need, not what you think you need or want. Hard to tell sometimes isn't it... often it's not until you get your "wish" fulfilled that you realize it's not what you wanted or needed at all. This is why you need to start with breaking through those veils, that personal screen of smoke and fog that has been spun over a lifetime and over your soul, and recognize who you truly are and why you are. When you do, everything in your life becomes clear, and the path you walk gains direction and purpose.

There is no journey like the search for personal truth.


Trecena text by Birgitte Rasine, republished from El Quetzal, courtesy of the Mayan Calendar Portal.


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