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To comprehend the meaning of life and personality to explore the depths of the ancient Mayan Calendar to year 2500 Get guidance.

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The Road


This is the best day to initiate or conduct any type of business. It is a special day to sign contracts as well as a very auspicious day for traveling, be it short or long. Road symbolizes the path of destiny, which means more of the path than you are able to see with your eyes; because it is the path of life, the guide, the one that takes us to a precise objective point. It is the aspect in life where we find the realization in all situations, aspects and manifestations of life. Road is the force, the potential and energy a person has to start a trip, a job, an assignment and everything that has to do with human realization. It is the one that indicates the middle, the form and the condition of the march of life. This sign is the energy of action and this energy acquires experiences opening paths. This is also a day to ask for the health, to initiate a project, to ask for those that live abroad or far from their homes.



It is a good day to ask for: Good business; So that life may give us a good path; To plan or initiate long travels; For the benefit of the community; To initiate a business; To ask that a pact may come to fruition; Contracts; Employment; So that it may give us a good spiritual path. Good day to ask for the ones living away from home or in other cities. To ask for Guidance about our destiny; So that new opportunities may open up. So that we may be free of accidents; so that we may be free of bad business dealings. To ask for good opportunities. Good day to be grateful for occupations, for work and for the well being of our physical and mental health.


Taken from Saq Be Webpage


Bugün iş değiştirmek, ikametgâh veya ülke değiştirmek gibi konularda hayatta yeni fırsatlar karşınıza çıkabilir. Eğer olaylar sizin için iyi gitmiyorsa, bu gidişatın değişmesini dilemek ve hayatınızı en baştan yenilemek için adım atmak iyi bir fikirdir. Bu sayede yaşamınızdaki paniği ortadan kaldırmak ve takıntıları durdurmak mümkün olacaktır.


Kötü niyetli insanlarla başa çıkmak, güzel düşüncelere ulaşabilmek ve adaleti sağlayabilmek için uygun bir gündür. Bugün insanlık için yeni bir şafak dileyin. Bu sayede hayatımızı daha iyi sürdürebiliriz.

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