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Your Birthday:

Were you born after the sunrise?


The Mayan calendar has 20 signs and they follow each other, changing on a daily basis. Your birthday falls on one of the days of the 20 day cycle and this is called the Day sign. The Day sign shows your typical attributes. The core of your character begins to shape when you reach puberty around 12-13 years of age. Your life evolves around what your Day sign offers to you.
Your higher self chooses your sign before you are born in to this world. You take into consideration your needs for evolving and growing spiritually. Your “Day Sign” provides you with your life mission that includes your strong and weak aspects. You forget all of this information the minute you are born, however. This sign guides you and reminds you of your spiritual essence and personal mission to help you evolve.

Kan / Seed 


Kan / Seed

Personality: Interested in leadership and performance, active, dynamic and sexual. Influential, with high standards

You are organized, energetic and dynamic. Family, sexuality and mysterious awakenings are important in your life. You are very earthly, generally have good health and carry energy of abundance. According to the Mayans, people born on the Seed day will be rich and wise. Good luck will come to you if you focus on your life purpose. If you direct your life force towards the business or art of your choice, you will become a master of it, be rich and live a life filled with wisdom.[...]
You try to liberate yourself and others from karmic debt and overwhelming patterns of the past. The Seed must learn to be calm, avoid making simple mistakes and walk without stepping on its own tail in this lifetime. Life is full of tests and obstacles for you but these difficulties encourage you to find solutions and become resourceful. If you become fully aware of this situation and not give up on finding solutions you can rid yourself from many traps. In time you can even be a good advisor to others facing similar challenges.[...]
Do not forget to take care of the seeds you plant; you must water it and show the necessary attention to it. In one sense you are like the seed; you carry great potential but if you do not nurture it, growth will not occur. [...]
Sexuality has great importance in your life. [...]
You are a natural networker and very social. [...]
You are a strong and organized thinker. However, you may lack flexibility of the mind at times. [...]
Challenge: Being a balanced individual and to mature in sexuality.[...]
Solution: Performance related activities, sweating the details.[...]
Signs that contribute to your growth: Seed, Road, Owl, Light and Rabbit[...]


Would you like to read your detailed report and learn your lucky days for the next 365 days?

Your Galactic Tone

The Mayan Calendar has a Galactic Tone that changes from the 1st to the 13th. It is good to know the sign of your birth date along with your Galactic Tone. This tone reveals the relationship between us and the divine plan. What you read above about the Day Sign involves your personal mission. You do not choose the tone you will be born with, this is more like a mission given to you. This is the energy you radiate to the people, society and the universe. It completes the qualifications that come to you along with the Day Sign.

Tone: 5 (Empowerment)

* Dynamic
* Amplification
* Excitement
* Strength
* Positivity
* Extrovert
* Empowerment
You are an intelligent and strong organizer, communicator and a person who knows how to use resources well. Like the spider, you are a natural web master that brings together all that is needed.

Your Trecana Sign

Besides your birth day, it is important to know which Mayan week you were born into. Unlike the normal week structure we have, the Mayans have the Trecana weeks that are different. The Trecana has 13 days and each day is ruled by one of the 20 signs. The Trecana Sign you were born in gives you integral information about who you are.
Your Day Sign is 75% and your Trecana Sign is 25% effective. If we compare the personality to a picture, the Day Sign will describe what is in the foreground, which is your face. The Trecana Sign describes what is on the background of the picture and this tells us about your personality.

Ahau / Light
You are gentle, well-intentioned and generous. You are also courageous, intelligent and have a strong self-confidence. You were born on the day for taking the guidance of your ancestors. You reflect the purity and brightness of the Light. You are imaginative and have strong inner ideals. You are stubborn in your efforts to realize your ideals.[...]
The Aztecs say that this sign is the sign of poets, singers, dancers and creative artists. These types of vocations show the inner connection with a higher power. You can be an artist, hero or an athlete, or a wise visionary that leads people. You can be an artist or an artisan in one or more fields. If you are more of an intellectual, you can find beauty in numbers, math, science and philosophy.[...]
Light, being the last sign, signifies that you carry within you the highest level of developed consciousness.[...]
Relationships are the biggest challenge for you. [...]
In this life time you are going through many life lessons. [...]
You may have psychic abilities and have strong connections with the collective consciousness. [...]

Your Day Sign, Galactic Tone and Trecana Sign are the core elements of your Core Sign. Besides your Core Sign, there are also the four signs located in four directions. 

Your Tree of Life Signs

According to the Mayans, there is a direct relationship between human beings and the universe. They believe that in the source of the universe, there is a living tree expanding into four directions. This tree is in the universal dimension and is duplicated on the human level as well. This means that we all have a four-directional tree of life, giving us four more signs in the four different directions: The Female sign, the Male sign, the Past Sign and the Destiny Sign. We discover which signs you have at each direction by using your birth date. 
We all have many aspects to ourselves. Due to the differences between the signs of your four directions, there can be some tension and contradictions in your life. The Mayan astrology is an important benefit because it allows you to know your different directions and help you to balance them in unity. Do not focus or get stuck only on the contrasts, try to see how these signs complement each other to your benefit.

Four Directions and Their Meanings

Your Past Sign and Your Destiny Sign
The Past Sign and the Destiny Sign are signs that help you with your spiritual growth. Your childhood has been under the influence of the Past Sign till 12 to 13 years of age. After that you go under the influence of the Day Sign. However, the Past Sign is still a force that supports you. This is a familiar way of being and you trust it. The more you understand this sign and cooperate with it, the more it will support you. But, if you reject it and refuse to understand it, the darker side may come forward and this situation can block you or hold you back from growing spiritually.
From the age of 40, you would be under the effect of the Destiny Sign. In this way, you are given a new mission in your life. However, you may feel the effect at an earlier age. The Destiny Sign is like a guide standing in front of you, showing the way to your spiritual evolution. You are not very familiar with this direction but as time passes by, it will reveal itself more and more to you. The better you understand this sign, the better it will guide you. Thus you will understand your destiny and you will realize it.
Your Past Sign

Cib / Owl
Old spirits carry the wisdom of the ancient times. With the energy of the Owl you are in contact with the other worlds and have telepathic abilities that keep you connected to the wisdom of sacred places. You wish the best for yourself and people close to you but you eliminate the people that do not fit your high standards. Because of your teaching characteristic, you tend to look for position and authority in society. This is also caused by you being an old soul, in anticipation of respect. You know who you are when in company of other people. You discover that you have an incredible inner strength that gives you space for quiet, internal observation. This trait brings you wisdom, which is considered much more valuable than any archaeological treasure. To remember this wisdom, you can take an interest in ancient cultures and their spirituality. You can even travel to ancient temples and wander around. [...]
When you lack balance in your life, you may become numb towards life and be harsh in your relationships. At this point, it is important that you forgive yourself. When you are connected to your higher self, the temporary depression that may occur brings valuable lessons. After this experience, you develop a new perspective of life, a bigger heart and compassion. You are lazy but wise like the Owl. Even though you may lead an irresponsible life, you sail towards wealth with luck. It is possible that you will live a long and healthy life.[...]
Your sharp awareness of difficulties in life and of what works and what does not, makes you an excellent guide.[...]
The Mayans consider the people born on the day of the Owl, to be old souls that have come to this world to clear their karmas. [...]
Let us tell you a short story describing what karma is. [...]
Believe it or not, this is how the law of karma works. [...]

Sign of Destiny

Eb / Road

You are sympathetic, obedient, self-dedicated, a diligent worker and an organizer. You have a practical way of thinking. Even though you accomplish your goals and are very competitive, you avoid confrontations. In addition, you are a traveler, agreeable and idealistic. Due to your interests and skills, you can become a master in international trade as well as a contributor in doing good deeds in your community.[...]
There is a saying "Who knows more? The one who reads a lot or the traveler?" The best is to do both, but when it comes to the Road sign, traveling is the right choice. Being on the Road symbolizes being on a spiritual journey and growing, as well as traveling and learning. As a Road sign you discover your potentials outside the boundaries of your country. Through interactions with people from other countries, you find your place in life. You may choose to live where you can make a living and a career, instead of choosing to live where you were born. Also, having a relationship or marriage with a partner from a foreign country may be very suitable and good for you. [...]
You are very delicate, extremely sensitive and think about seven generations ahead of you before you act upon something.[...]
You are hard working and you like to be with people. [...]
The Road sign symbolizes the spiral of life that is called “the stairs that lead to heaven.” [...]
You are lucky in love and you have the need to live various relationships in your life time. [...]
You are a pioneer and a guide for opening the path for people, groups and communities. [...]

Your Male Sign and Your Female Sign
Inside every human being there is a male and a female dimension. According to Taoism, they are defined as Yin and Yang. You should see these two as a support to your Core Sign. The Female Sign is your introvert side; Yin, is your passive side that does not come to the surface very often. It becomes apparent during intimate relationships and family life at home. The Male Sign, Yang, is your outgoing and active side. It becomes apparent during your professional relationships and those involving power struggles. It is the side you show to the world. It also affects your career life.
The Male and Female signs are like a married couple within you. If this couple fights a lot, your being will be in much conflict; but if this couple gets along well, there will be peace and success for you. Therefore, it is important to see how these two signs complete each others' contradictions and missing parts, eventually forming a unity.
Your Female Sign

Oc / Dog
You have many similarities with the symbol of this sign, the Dog. You are courageous, loyal, warm-hearted, smart and brave. You are sensitive and know how to enjoy life. Your playfulness helps you to understand the human nature well and that leads you towards success and wealth. You like traveling and you make a wonderful travel companion. You are sensitive towards the role you play in your community. You have a strong sense of communal consciousness. You are very creative with the interest towards music, drawing and painting. You need much variety in life.[...]
The Dog is the sign of discipline and justice. Therefore you cannot tolerate unfairness in life. Just like a dog, you smell and trace every track to reveal the truth and bring justice. You are a natural detective! Because of your sense of justice and protective attitude, you are respected in your community. You can move up in your community by becoming a lawyer, judge or prosecutor. However, you may have a tendency to impose your own thoughts of justice, so beware.[...]
A Dog's loyalty and trust cannot be ignored.[...]
The Dog is also a sign of simple pleasures and unconditional love. [...]
You like to live your relationships in a romantic and sensitive atmosphere. [...]
When we look at the other side of the coin, we can see that lack of emotional maturity can be a problem for you. [...]

Your Male Sign

Etznab / Knife
Knife is the mirror of reality. You create the sparks of divine intelligence, just like a flint stone. You are social, brave, skillful, hard working, filled with divine intelligence, talented and have great ideas. You are known to be polite, accommodating and selfless. The ability to separate emotions from reality (just like a knife) is your talent from birth. Since you are very detailed oriented, you are more interested in technical subjects. You are skillful in solving mechanical problems as well as a good craftsman. You can even be a virtuoso for musical instruments. Unraveling the mystery of veils and revealing the mystic truths is another ability you have.[...]
To be aware of contrasts means to see the world as an arena of conflict. To choose one reality over another means going in to a conflict and being a warrior. This painful awareness makes this sign a potentially difficult one. As a Knife, you tend to see the world as black and white. One of your positive features is; your approach to seeing things as right or wrong results in looking at and correcting yourself first. [...]
You have a mission of becoming the protector of truth. [...]
The Mayans say that the Knife people are healers and this sign is related to healing. [...]
Generally you are the person to solve the difficult problems [...]
Even though you are generally fair and sensitive in relationships, you may over react and finish the relationship abruptly. [...]
Defending the truth is more than just a political or legal defense. [...]





Tzolkin Birthday

Today is your spiritual birthday.

The energy of the day you are born is fully active. Today you are in the day of Seed and 5, and also week of the Light. This is a very special day that comes around every 260 days. Therefore, today, life seems very meaningful to you. You are at a day that strongly reminds of who you are, why were born and what your life mission is. You can take big steps towards spiritual development by understanding yourself and your spirit. Take time off for yourself today and celebrate...

Have you ever wondered? Sometimes you celebrate your birthday and you just don’t feel or experience anything special. And at other times, you live a very special day but it is not your birthday. Perhaps these kinds of days were your birthdays according to the Mayan calendar. So today is an ideal day to come together with your loved ones and have a party.

What you are living today tells you about your life purpose and why you were born into your sign Seed. You are also given messages and signs that remind you of your spiritual essence. These messages may come to you in various ways such as visions, intuition, dreams, symbols, something you read, in a conversation with someone, in a moment of decision, etc...

The universe can give you a message in any way today and when it does, it is a good idea to take some time to reflect on it by meditating, taking a walk, going in to nature etc...

The least you can do is spend a few minutes to reflect on what message you have received today before going to sleep. Do this with the awareness that you have received something valuable and meaningful in your life that can make a difference.

Today is the day to correct your course of your life. If you are not living a life that serves your life purpose, the universe may try to steer you on to the right route and this can bring some painful lessons. But if you know your route, you can go a long way using the energy of today.

An ideal way to start your day is to listen to your intuition and create new beginnings. Start anything that will be good for your soul like a new job, project, education, hobby or relationship. To create new intentions and make important decisions about your life is very beneficial for you. Any new beginning you make today will be fully supported by the universe. The seeds you plant today will grow in 260 days and become fruitful trees. It is an incredibly ideal day to receive any form of advice, counseling or healing.

Similar to your Tzolkin Birthday you have around 8 to 10 significant days per month. The Full Report you purchase purchase will automatically calculate and show you all of your important days. To follow your lucky days in business, love and spiritual growth, click here and become a member.